Softplay Takeaway

A Convenient Way To Grab A Bite To Eat

If you want to have something to eat and help the kids let off steam a softplay takeaway might be the ideal solution. The children can enjoy all the benefits of playing in a safe and secure environment along with the luxury of being able to take their favourite takeaway food at the end. This softplay takeaway is not to be confused with another kind of softplay takeaway that refers to the private hire of softplay equipment. Eden softplay provide a simple takeaway menu featuring breakfast cobs, toasties, chips and a range of hot and cold beverages. All these items are available to takeaway at a reasonable price. Even if you are not using the centers softplay facilities you can still pop in and order a takeaway from the front desk.

Takeaway Food & Drink!

We are now serving food and drink to takeaway! Available during our opening hours. Just order at the front desk!

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