Soft Play Areas

Soft Play Areas Benefit From Well Lit Interiors

The type of Soft play area available is dependent on the building the soft play area is located in. For example if the building containing the Softplay equipment has a high ceiling then large soft play equipment can be integrated without the creation of an environment that could be claustrophobic. The same applies to floor space; the larger the floor space the more adequate and entertaining the soft play equipment. Aesthetics are also important, for example a Softplay area in an historical building has a lot more appeal than one in an industrial unit.

The high ceilings of St Saviour’s church allow for a four tier play frame to be available. The skylights all across the ceiling make it possible for as much daylight as possible to fill the room around the structure. This and the spacious nature of the churches interior allows for soft play in an environment that is neither cramped nor claustrophobic. Soft play areas also include multi activity walled areas for smaller children and framed activity areas similar to exercise courses

New Party Setup

Ok so we’ve had some feedback about making our party packages more flexible, so here it is! You can book a basic package then add to it with any features you want! We hope this makes parties a bit more exciting for everyone! Information about parties is available here.

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Happy Hour Comes To Eden!

Here it is people, after a long decision process we’ve decided to go for a happy hour!

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Rainy Day Solution For Parents In Nottingham

Every parent knows that dreaded moment: it’s pouring rain outside and your children are driving you mad. When you’re at your wit’s end, a simple solution might be visiting a soft play centre. Eden Softplay is the perfect place for parents based in Nottingham and here’s why:

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