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We are small team, but a big family, and we are passionate about providing a fantastic service to the people of Nottingham. Our aims extend further than ourselves, and we constantly seek ways that we can be a blessing to the community around us.

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Benefits Of Play – Social

Benefits of play – Social

A child friendly café like Eden soft play should always be interested in the benefits their services provide for children. For this reason I thought it would be good to chat briefly about the benefits of play, namely the social, physical, mental and emotional benefits. Play is something kids just do, it’s so great that it’s part of their development and it’s so great that soft play area’s get to be part of it!

When we watch our children playing, in a soft play or park or anything, we will undoubtedly see them begin to interact with other children. This is a natural part of behaviour and vital to development. Children will improve their social skills by playing with other children, and research shows that a child’s success at school (and employment in the future) depends a lot on their ability to form positive relationships and interactions with their peers. For social skills, practice makes perfect!Read more about Eden Soft Play

Our Story – Challenges We Face

Here’s post number 3 of the story of our play centre, Eden Softplay, with the aim of increasing people’s awareness of the workings and purpose of our family café. This is the last post of three that aims to give a general story of how far we’ve come as a community project, as well as a play centre. This time I wanted to outline some of the challenges we have faced.

Read more about Eden Soft Play

Our Story – The First Year

Ok so I’m back with Eden Softplay’s blog, post number 2! Looking to help people to understand the purpose of our play centre, above and beyond the “normal” play centre stuff like parties and slides!

To start off I’m aiming to get across our story, last time I explained how the soft play centre came to be and what we set out to achieve, this time I’ll be talking about the first 18 months of our project.

Eden Softplay was launched 9th November 2013: From a business perspective this was a financial risk in itself as starting mid-winter meant we would have to weather the summer with only half a winter’s income (remember, soft play is a rainy day activity!). Despite this risk, we felt the launch date was right, and so we pushed on: We knew that there would be a couple of years while the business go established before we could start investing in the community significantly, so we were eager to get going!

Read more about Eden Soft Play