Privacy Policy

Hi, as i am sure you are aware GDPR is nearly upon us. As such Eden Has updated its privacy policy to be GDPR compliant, please find it below.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides information on why and how we at Eden Softplay use and manage your data.

What data we collect, why, and how it is used.

For Meadows and Childcare discounts
We collect this data from you in person. When agreeing to be on our system to gain these discounts you will be asked if you consent to us storing your data for a period of a year from when you give it. If you do not give your consent, then we are unable to store your data and you will not be able to access these discounts. At the point at which a year is up and six months after that your data will be deleted, if you come into Eden during that period we will ask you if you want to be renewed onto our system again. We require from you Name, address (proof required with valid ID and recent bill, these details are not stored), and a photo of you. This data is static and is used as a reference when you come into Eden and use these discounts.

For party bookings
We collect this data from you in person or on the phone. When agreeing to be on our system to book your party you will be asked if you consent to us storing your data for the period until your party and a month afterwards. If you do not give your consent, then we are unable to store your data and you will not be able to book a party through us as we will not have the information we need to move forward. Every time you book a party you will have to give your information again, and consent again. The information we require from you for this is your name, phone number, your child/children’s name, first line of your address and your email. We only use this data to contact you with information about your party.

Through email, website enquiry forms and Facebook
Any data you provide we collect purely for your benefit, so we can contact you and answer your queries and questions. We never use this data for any other purpose unless your expressed consent is given for us to do so. The information required varies form to form. All forms require you to check that you have read our privacy policy, if this is checked your enquiry will be sent and we have your permission to use it. We will never ask for your personal data through Facebook. It is always advised that you email us. If you do provide personal data through Facebook on your own accord, we take that as consent for us to use that data to contact you about your enquiry and your enquiry only, the same applies to emails. We only hold this data until your enquiry or reason you have contacted us is completed and 30 days afterwards.

Through job application forms
Information gained through job application forms will only be used if we contact you regarding the job you have applied for. All our application forms have a box to tick to agree to our privacy policy. If this is not ticked your application formed will not be considered as we will not have your expressed consent to use this information. If your details are not used to contact you, we will delete/destroy all application data 30 days after the post has been filled.

Access, Correction, Deletion
We respect your privacy rights and provide you with reasonable access to the data that you may have provided through your use of Eden Softplay. If you wish to access or amend any other Personal Data we hold about you, or to request that we delete the data we have for you we ask that you submit a request in writing. Where Access is wanted we will need a postal address and a stamp included in the written request to send the data out to you. This section applies for all written data.

We use CCTV in our building for the protection of all staff and customers, this does mean that when you enter our building you are on CCTV. A sign informing you of this is always present on the front doors.
Our CCTV never gets shared unless we feel that someone is in danger.
Only our Managers and Safeguarding officers can re-watch it, and only then for specific defined purposes.
Our CCTV gets deleted 28 days after it is first recorded, this is to protect your privacy.
You have a right to your personal data as such you can request CCTV footage of yourself. This requires a handwritten request date and Photo ID upon the request. Requests must be put in up to 27 days after the CCTV footage date. There is an administration fee for this set at £10 which would be required at the same time as the written request. Once this has been fulfilled we have up to 40 days to provide you with the footage, this will have been edited to show you and you alone in any footage we have due to data protection.

All information we do have and keep in accordance with our privacy policy is held in strict confidentiality for only the staff who need to use it. No other person can use or access your data.
We do not and never will sell your data or use your data for any other purpose than what is stated in this policy.

– K M Play LTD



Eden currently has a job opening!

Could it be right for you?

We are small team, but a big family, and we are passionate about providing a fantastic service to the people of Nottingham. Our aims extend further than ourselves, and we constantly seek ways that we can be a blessing to the community around us.

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, please download the resources below and get your application in.


Application deadline: 9:30am, Tuesday 16th January

Please no C.V’s without application forms


Good Luck!


Applications Cover Letter

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Benefits Of Play – Social

Benefits of play – Social

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When we watch our children playing, in a soft play or park or anything, we will undoubtedly see them begin to interact with other children. This is a natural part of behaviour and vital to development. Children will improve their social skills by playing with other children, and research shows that a child’s success at school (and employment in the future) depends a lot on their ability to form positive relationships and interactions with their peers. For social skills, practice makes perfect!Read more about Eden Soft Play

Our Story – Challenges We Face

Here’s post number 3 of the story of our play centre, Eden Softplay, with the aim of increasing people’s awareness of the workings and purpose of our family café. This is the last post of three that aims to give a general story of how far we’ve come as a community project, as well as a play centre. This time I wanted to outline some of the challenges we have faced.

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To start off I’m aiming to get across our story, last time I explained how the soft play centre came to be and what we set out to achieve, this time I’ll be talking about the first 18 months of our project.

Eden Softplay was launched 9th November 2013: From a business perspective this was a financial risk in itself as starting mid-winter meant we would have to weather the summer with only half a winter’s income (remember, soft play is a rainy day activity!). Despite this risk, we felt the launch date was right, and so we pushed on: We knew that there would be a couple of years while the business go established before we could start investing in the community significantly, so we were eager to get going!

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