St Saviours Church

St Saviours is Bringing the Meadows to L.I.F.E

Saint Saviour when translated into English means in literal terms ‘Holy Saviour’. It can also refer to Jesus as Saviour (Sanctus Salvator) or is a Latin dedication of churches. As far as can be estimated there are 32 St Saviours churches on the planet. There are St Saviour’s churches in Albania, Croatia, Latvia, New Zealand, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. The full list can be read on the Wikipedia.

St Saviour’s is a lively evangelical inner city church with members from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. They have a church vision which is calling the Meadows to L.I.F.E. More can be read on the St Saviours website. The church is grade 2 listed. This means that it is a building of special historical interest. The foundation stone for the church was laid by the Rt. Revd John Jackson in 1863.

Joining The War On Waste – Super Kitchen!


In the last 2 years, since Eden Softplay opened in November 2013, we have always had our eye on the waste we produce. We’ve tried to do our bit, rising above the industry norms. We steer clear of disposable cups and plates, for a while we had chickens to eat the food left on plates (currently looking for a new outlet), we created two sizes for child meals to reduce food wasted (and money spent!), to name a few of our efforts.

It seems that the system of how we all get our food is broken though. Recently, there has been a lot of coverage in the media about the amount of food wasted by supermarkets. Apparently whenever a supermarket receives a stock delivery, a portion of that like likely to go straight into landfill! Even though it’s fresh from the suppliers! Crazy! France has responded by introducing a law that orders supermarkets to find a charitable output for this waste, so what about England?

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Did You Know…?

…Eden is more than just soft play.

A word from Dave Hammond, vicar at St Saviours:

Eden Soft play exists for the good of people in Nottingham, especially those in the Meadows.

St Saviour’s church wants to serve the area, and starting a soft play provided a space for healthy living for kids, a meeting place for parents and joy for everyone.

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