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Fast Food to Bistros Soft Play Remains a Family Favourite

It is noted historically that Soft play originated within fast food franchises in the USA. Soft play was initially conceived to keep children entertained as their parents stood in queues waiting to be served their food. It is generally considered that the Chuck E. Cheese Company invented soft play. After its introduction soft play became that popular that fast food chains began to specialise in children’s play areas. The popularity in soft play grew until eventually soft play centres were created.

Soft play centres offer mothers and fathers a chance to socialise with friends as their children start to explore the world on their own two feet. The children have ample space to expend all their energy whilst parents can relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. For families the availability of food in an area where the children will not become bored or irritable is a welcome break. Recent trends have seen soft play centres move away from its fast food partner into bistros and coffee shops



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Benefits Of Play – Mental

What is the importance of play in the development of a child’s brain? Obviously this is a really important aspect to consider for Eden Softplay; if we intend to be a force for good in the world, we need to be sure that our main product is most beneficial for the minds of those who use it.

So what is play? How is it different to exercise or games? I think the difference is freedom and creativity. To make and break rules, to explore the possibilities!Read more about Eden Soft Play

Benefits Of Play – Physical

A family café like Eden soft play prioritises maximising the benefits their play space gives as children play on it. So we’re in the middle of discussing the emotional, social, physical and mental benefits of play. We discussed the social benefits last time, and this time I’m talking about a more obvious one, the physical benefits of play.

In 2011, Nottingham City Council published the Healthy Weight Strategy 2011-202, which stated that “Nottingham’s children have significantly higher levels of obesity compared to the England average at age 4 to 5 years”.

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Joining The War On Waste – Super Kitchen!


In the last 2 years, since Eden Softplay opened in November 2013, we have always had our eye on the waste we produce. We’ve tried to do our bit, rising above the industry norms. We steer clear of disposable cups and plates, for a while we had chickens to eat the food left on plates (currently looking for a new outlet), we created two sizes for child meals to reduce food wasted (and money spent!), to name a few of our efforts.

It seems that the system of how we all get our food is broken though. Recently, there has been a lot of coverage in the media about the amount of food wasted by supermarkets. Apparently whenever a supermarket receives a stock delivery, a portion of that like likely to go straight into landfill! Even though it’s fresh from the suppliers! Crazy! France has responded by introducing a law that orders supermarkets to find a charitable output for this waste, so what about England?

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New Party Setup

Ok so we’ve had some feedback about making our party packages more flexible, so here it is! You can book a basic package then add to it with any features you want! We hope this makes parties a bit more exciting for everyone! Information about parties is available here.

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Rainy Day Solution For Parents In Nottingham

Every parent knows that dreaded moment: it’s pouring rain outside and your children are driving you mad. When you’re at your wit’s end, a simple solution might be visiting a soft play centre. Eden Softplay is the perfect place for parents based in Nottingham and here’s why:

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Have Your Child’s Party At Eden Softplay!

Do you live in Nottingham or the surrounding areas? Are you looking for the perfect place to have a party for your child? We can help. Eden Softplay is well equipped for children’s parties of all ages.

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