Child Friendly Cafes

Catering for Families Requires a Lot More Than Just a Menu

There is more to making a café child friendly than merely marketing the fact that children and families are welcome to come and dine. Providing facilities that provide specifically for the children and menus that cater to their taste is a vital part of a good child friendly café. Essentials for a child friendly café are colouring sheets, crayons in pots and plenty of pushchair space. Easy access for pushchairs is another necessity. One consideration is that a good child friendly café will have adequate facilities for accommodating wheelchairs.

Child friendly cafes also hold themed events around the food. These are designed to stimulate the child’s imagination. Play areas are also a necessity. These can be small play areas with a selection of toys or larger soft play areas. Many child friendly cafes specialise in soft play. Other essentials that should be provided by child friendly cafes are booster cushions and chairs, child friendly crockery and cutlery, microwave access for heating bottles and baby food and suitable nappy changing facilities.



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We are small team, but a big family, and we are passionate about providing a fantastic service to the people of Nottingham. Our aims extend further than ourselves, and we constantly seek ways that we can be a blessing to the community around us.

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, please download the resources below and get your application in.


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Benefits Of Play – Mental

What is the importance of play in the development of a child’s brain? Obviously this is a really important aspect to consider for Eden Softplay; if we intend to be a force for good in the world, we need to be sure that our main product is most beneficial for the minds of those who use it.

So what is play? How is it different to exercise or games? I think the difference is freedom and creativity. To make and break rules, to explore the possibilities!Read more about Eden Soft Play

Benefits Of Play – Physical

A family café like Eden soft play prioritises maximising the benefits their play space gives as children play on it. So we’re in the middle of discussing the emotional, social, physical and mental benefits of play. We discussed the social benefits last time, and this time I’m talking about a more obvious one, the physical benefits of play.

In 2011, Nottingham City Council published the Healthy Weight Strategy 2011-202, which stated that “Nottingham’s children have significantly higher levels of obesity compared to the England average at age 4 to 5 years”.

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Joining The War On Waste – Super Kitchen!


In the last 2 years, since Eden Softplay opened in November 2013, we have always had our eye on the waste we produce. We’ve tried to do our bit, rising above the industry norms. We steer clear of disposable cups and plates, for a while we had chickens to eat the food left on plates (currently looking for a new outlet), we created two sizes for child meals to reduce food wasted (and money spent!), to name a few of our efforts.

It seems that the system of how we all get our food is broken though. Recently, there has been a lot of coverage in the media about the amount of food wasted by supermarkets. Apparently whenever a supermarket receives a stock delivery, a portion of that like likely to go straight into landfill! Even though it’s fresh from the suppliers! Crazy! France has responded by introducing a law that orders supermarkets to find a charitable output for this waste, so what about England?

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Takeaway Food & Drink!

We are now serving food and drink to takeaway! Available during our opening hours. Just order at the front desk!

2014-07-18 14.35.06-1

New Menu!

Hey everyone! Here’s our new menu! Few changes, mainly the introduction of toddler-sized meals! The children’s meals seem to be a bit too big for 2 year olds!
We’ll be honest, this is a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions about our food please feel free to send them through the contact form on this website.

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Happy Hour Comes To Eden!

Here it is people, after a long decision process we’ve decided to go for a happy hour!

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